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Treatments on a Budget

Here at Synergy our goal is to work with you and provide the most effective treatments options within your budget.  When you come in for your complimentary consultation let us know your primary concerns in order of importance. If budget is the main concern we will do our best to work with you, even if sometimes […]

Infini – The Secret Weapon Against Time & Gravity

Infini is the most advanced and effective non-surgical, color-blind treatment which provides skin tightening, smoothing, lifting, and texture improvement. Using radio frequency energy to tighten loose skin, reduce acne scars and treat stretch marks, Infini delivers dramatic results, with minimal downtime. At Synergy we pride ourselves on offering the best, most effective treatments for our patients.  Which is […]

4 Ways to Get Great Summer Skin 

The summer can do some serious damage to our skin, even without a tan or sunburn. Are you experiencing dry or rough skin, pre-mature aging, lines & wrinkles, brown spots, large pores, or acne? You’re not alone! My top summer-skin treatments are not only effective, they are incredibly affordable and interchangeable in our monthly VIP […]

How Synergy Can Help Your Teen with Acne

Teen acne is a normal skin condition that is not always caused by having a dirty face. While genetics do play a roll, it is still normal for your teen to get acne even if you or your spouse didn’t have acne growing up. If you did have acne growing up, you know how difficult it […]