It’s no secret that we’re all about combining science & beauty here at Synergy. That’s why we carry biopelle; it is the only product that provides us with stem cell and growth factor technology.

We carry two collections: biopelle Tensage® Stem Cell and biopelle Tensage® Growth Factor. Here is why: stem cells & growth factors make one incredible team.

As we age, the cells in our skin break down and our natural stem cells are less able to replace them (hello lines and wrinkles). So, where do we get more stem cells? We have 2 options: 1) we can re-distribute our own stem cells and collagen-encouraging ingredients with our famous PRP (Plasma Rich Platelets) treatments, or 2) we can use biopelle! Many patients love to “double-dose” with a combination of PRP in-office and biopelle growth factors at home.

We can slow aging, to a snail’s pace

Tensage® Stem Cell features CellPro Technology, a unique, natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail in an exclusive, patented process, to help improve skin’s appearance during the aging process. That’s right—stem cells from snails. They spend their entire lives regenerating their lowest surface, which is “exfoliated” whenever they move.

Tensage® Growth Factor features SCA Biorepair Technology, a special secretion from the Cryptomphalus aspersa snail, which contains growth factors combined with glycoproteins and antioxidants. Growth factors do just that—they help to heal and stimulate living cells (new growth). This is why growth factors are a great take-home treatment to ensure you get the most out of your own PRP treatments.

Both collections are clinically proven to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and enhance texture, tone and luminosity. We have carefully selected the products we believe to help rejuvenate skin and reverse the visible signs of photo-damage. These products are tools in our toolbox, and these results can be dramatically improved upon with our medical-grade treatments.

Do you love the science, but have more questions? That’s okay—we did too. Schedule your complimentary consultation and we’ll discuss your specific skin concerns.