Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Collagen and elastin are fibers that make up the supporting structure of our skin. Collagen gives skin its firmness, while elastin keeps skin tight. As we age collagen and elastin break down at higher rates than our bodies are able to replace it, resulting in wrinkled and lined skin.  In addition to normal dermal breakdown, sun damage, free radicals, poor diet and gravity work to accelerate the aging process.

At Synergy MedAesthetics we have a range of treatments which offer patients options to fit with their lives and immediate needs.  Treatments with immediate effect allow patients to see a signficant improvement in their appearance and youthfulness which have short term results (6 months to 2 years) which allow patients to be ready for a special event.  Whereas treatments which require 3-6 months before results are visible are much longer lasting and require less maintenance to maintain the desired results.

These factors, along with your desired budget and personal comfort, are an integral part of the conversation in consultations at Synergy MedAesthetics. Your happiness and satisfaction with treatment results are our first priority.

“I don’t want to look 20 again, I just want to be an attractive, lively looking 50 year old.  A few visits with Rene left me looking natural, rested and years younger. She erased most of my wrinkles and softened the rest!”

Roberta H.