Services for Men


Non-surgical and no needles used in treatment.  CoolSculpting uses the power of Cryolipolysis© to deep-freeze your fat cells without damaging surrounding skin and tissue. Coolsculpting removes fat from the areas that bother you the most. Liposuction equivalent results with no downtime, and the results are permanent.

Laser Hair Removal

Hair growth, especially on the neck and back, can quickly go from “manly” to “too much.” If you’re looking to get rid of excess hair on the neck, back, arms, hands or feet, laser hair removal could be your answer. By sending light particles into the hair follicles, laser hair removal quickly kills follicles and prevents future hair growth.


This treatment uses BOTOX® to relax the facial muscles and get rid of facial wrinkles, scowls, and stressed or mean looks; this treatment is done differently on men than women in order to allow them to keep their “edge” and not feminize them.  It is imperative that a man go to an injector that understands these differences in treatment.  And at Synergy our injectors have extensive training and experience treating male patients. BOTOX® can also be an ideal solution for excessive sweating in men. Talk with a member of our medical team during your consultation to find out more.

Restylane Lyft for Cheeks & Chin

As men age their wrinkles deepen around their eyes, down their cheeks and their cheeks begin to drop or appear sunken. Restylane Lyft is the answer. This dermal filler uses the natural ingredients already found in your body to give your sunken cheeks a boost. This 30-45 minute appointment can take up to 10 years off your appearance, more when combined with Botox or Dysport treatment. Additionally, this product can help fill out a “weak chin” and create or enhance a defined jawline.

Kybella for double chin

A man’s face is defined by his chin and jaw. If you’re suffering from a double chin and a thick jawline, using Kybella could help bring you the jawline you used to have. Kybella or CoolSculpting are recommended to treat a double chin, and will quickly target the fat below your jaw to give you a well-defined jawline. Schedule your free

BOTOX® for Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating)

In addition to relaxing visible signs of aging around the eyes and forehead, the benefits of BOTOX® can also be utilized to reduce excessive sweating in the underarms. With just a few simple injections, the sweat glands are blocked, reducing the amount of underarm sweat produced and improving your personal comfort and self-confidence.

PRP/PRF/ACell for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich Plasma & Fibrin can help rejuvenate skin from the inside out using your body’s own natural resources, and when applied to areas of the scalp that are experiencing thinning or balding, they can help stimulate inactive hair follicles, improving the fullness and thickness of your own natural hair growth.

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