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Elixis Ultra

Elixis Ultra is the only non-invasive, handheld device that delivers radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten and shape, arms, legs, buttocks, and the face. And with Synergy MedAesthetics offering this type of radiofrequency facial and body treatment in Kennewick, getting rid of excess fat and loose skin has never been this easy.

An FDA-approved treatment, it heats the deep layers of the skin, consequently shrinking the fat cells and stimulating the production of collagen. Elixis Ultra also works as a skin tightening facial.

The treatment is safe for all skin types. Because it is a non-invasive procedure, it requires no surgery or downtime, which means you can go back to your regular routine right after your session! In addition, the radiofrequency facial and body treatment in our Kennewick clinic is designed to be painless and comfortable, and there are no injections or needles involved.

The Benefits of Exilis Ultra:

No Surgery: No lasers, needles, or knives are used

No Downtime: Return to work, home, or exercise immediately

No Discomfort: Exilis Ultra is a comfortable treatment

Areas Exilis Treats


Improve the appearance of “bat wings” and slip into sleeveless tops with confidence after just one treatment. As loose upper arm skin is tightened, and fatty deposits are reduced, sexier, more sculpted arms emerge.


Pregnancy or weight loss can lead to sagging skin and excess fat in the abdomen, which are no match for the Exilis Ultra device. Relax as one of our skilled practitioners applies the advanced fat-reducing, skin-tightening technology, and enjoy the outcome of a flat, toned tummy.


“Bra fat” and “love handles” are not only annoying and uncomfortable, but they also create unsightly lumps and bumps in clothing. Exchange bulges of back fat for a firm, streamlined physique.


If the skin above your knees appears “crepey” or your thighs and calves need to be firmed, Exilis Ultra will eliminate fatty deposits and tighten the skin on the legs. Eliminate chafing, wear shorter skirts, and feel confident both in and out of clothing immediately after treatment.


Banish wrinkles and unwanted facial fat deposits without the downtime of a surgical facelift. Treatment with Exilis Ultra will lift, tighten, and rejuvenate the facial skin to serve as the perfect nonsurgical alternative.


You’ll no longer need to hide behind a scarf or turtleneck. Exilis Ultra™ safely firms the loose skin of a “turkey wattle” and reduces the excess fat of a “double chin” to create beautifully youthful neck contours.

Let Synergy MedAesthetics turn back the clock for you.

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