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Sophisticated & Customized

Synergy MedAesthetics is a Tri-Cities med spa located in Kennewick. At our practice, we pride ourselves on our commitment to personalized cosmetic treatments for the face and body. Our services are ever-evolving as we always strive to offer the latest, and most successful treatments and products. At Synergy MedAesthetics our number one goal is to help you enhance your natural beauty.

Winner of the Tri-City Herald's "Best Med Spa in Tri-Cities" Award!

A Personalized Approach

At Synergy MedAesthetics we understand that cosmetic enhancements are not one-size-fits-all. We believe that treatments should be customized to fit your needs, rather than trying to make you fit into a specific standard of beauty. Our staff works closely with you to understand your goals, and make recommendations that we feel would be the best fit for you. The results you achieve with us will always be natural-looking, allowing you to be the best version of yourself.

Synergy MedAesthetics

Always Advancing

In the cosmetic industry there are always new advancements. At Synergy MedAesthetics med spa in Tri-Cities, we are constantly updating our services and technology to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality treatments to you. Our offices are outfitted in all the latest cosmetic technology to help us offer the best, most comfortable, procedural options.


Cosmetic injectables can help reverse signs of aging, and bring symmetry to your facial features. Using very precisely placed injections our providers can refine and reshape your facial features. Injectables are quick and safe procedures that can have dramatic results. Synergy Med Aesthetics provides a wide range of injectable options to fit all of your aesthetic needs including treating fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss and more.

Your Personal Consultation

At Synergy MedAesthetics med spa in Tri-Cities, before every treatment, we offer a personalized, private consultation. This helps us get to know you better, understand what you hope to achieve with your treatment, and allow us to make recommendations. During this time our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have about the treatment process and recovery, and walk you through each step of the treatment. While some may try to rush through this process, we believe it’s an important step, and will spend as much time with you as necessary.


Our non-invasive body contouring procedures can help you feel more confident in your skin. These treatments can help shape your figure, reduce fat, and tighten the skin. We also offer other body treatments such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and vein treatments. Helping you feel your best is our top priority, and we can recommend treatments to help you get there.

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Our top-rated providers can help you with non-surgical facial rejuvenation. These treatments can aid in replenishing lost facial volume, reducing scars and wrinkles, and treating skin laxity. They can also help with common skincare concerns such as skin tone, texture, and hyperpigmentation. During your consultation, our providers will perform a thorough facial analysis to understand your skin. No matter what your skin concerns are, our highly trained staff can recommend a treatment regime, in our Tri-Cities med spa, to help.


Losing hair can make men and women feel self-conscious and unlike themselves. At Synergy MedAesthetics, we can help you restore your natural hair. We offer two types of hair restoration, PRF and ACell. Both treatments have proven restores for restoring a more full head of hair. If you are beginning to see signs of thinning or hair loss, contact us for an evaluation so we can begin helping you restore your hair.


While many assume cosmetic treatments are just for women, this could not be more untrue. At Synergy MedAesthetics, we have an entire service dedicated to helping men. This includes helping men reverse common signs of aging, reduce stubborn fat, and tighten and tone their physique. We offer men a comfortable and relaxing environment to help them achieve their aesthetic goals.

Our Kennewick Team

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